Prof. Dr. hab. Czesław Radzewicz

Professor Dr. hab. Czesław Radzewicz gained scientific experience working in the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw and at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, as well as at the Oklahoma State University in Rochester and the University of Tubingen. He is a recognized specialist in the field of laser physics. He carried out pioneering research in Poland in areas such as the dynamics of ultrafast processes and experimental quantum optics. Under his leadership many unique experimental devices were built. He is also a coordinator and co-founder of nationwide research initiatives aimed at creating a global-level scientific infrastructure in Poland, such as the National Laboratory of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (FAMO), National Laboratory of Quantum Technologies (NLTK) and Polish Optical Atomic Clock (POZA). He is also a co-founder of the Laser Center, a joint laboratory of the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the University of Warsaw. Currently, he manages the National Laboratory of Photonics and Quantum Technologies and the Team-NET project funded by the Foundation for Polish Science. The goal of the latter project is to create innovative research equipment which will accelerate the diagnosis of leukaemia and improve its efficiency.

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University of Warsaw
Faculty of Physics
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