The activity of NLPQT will provide highly specialized, industry-oriented services in the area of design, fabrication and characterization of photonic and optoelectronic materials, structures and devices. Their availability is intended to increase the innovativeness and competitiveness of high-tech companies. Moreover, services in the field of laser spectroscopy and optical imaging meet today’s challenges in the health and environmental protection. As a result of the project numerous services will be offered to industry by the Photonic Technology Laboratories in the areas listed below.

Laser & THz spectroscopy:

  • trace gases and air pollutants detection and analysis in the mid-infrared (MIR) range,
  • characterization of solids in the THz range,
  • testing, calibration and attestation of chemical sensors in operational conditions,
  • gas mixtures and volatile organic compounds samples calibration,

  • spectroscopic characterization of photoactive materials used in photovoltaics, organic LEDs, photodynamic therapy and biomedical imaging,
  • design, construction and practical implementation of customized laser spectroscopy systems.

Optical fibers technology:

  • design, characterization and fabrication of specialty glass and polymer optical fibers, including highly nonlinear fibers for frequency conversion and supercontinuum generation,
  • production and purification of materials for optical fiber technology,
  • design and realization of devices for optical fiber fabrication,
  • fiber Bragg and long-period gratings fabrication and application,
  • low-loss standard and specialty optical fibers splicing.

Nano- and microstructures:

  • modification of materials using short (pico-) and ultrashort (femtosecond) laser pulses,
  • fabrication of functional coatings by surface structuration,
  • production of nano/micro-structures in volume,
  • precise cutting of various materials including wide bandgap materials, biopolymers, transparent materials and composites,
  • optical recording in photoresist,
  • plasma surface treatment,
  • design and production of functional metamaterials and plasmonic devices.

Photonic and optoelectronic devices and systems:

  • design and characterization of lighting systems,
  • design, rapid prototyping, and testing of advanced electronic and optoelectronic systems,
  • design and practical realization of fiber optic sensors based on fiber Bragg gratings and long-period gratings including distributed fiber optic sensors, interference and polarization sensors,
  • numerical simulations of photonic structures.

Optical imaging and measurements:

  • optical coherence tomography (OCT) of biological objects including 3D imaging of the retina and angiographic imaging,
  • imaging of microstructures fabricated in semi-transparent materials using phase microscopy,
  • 3D spectroscopic properties analysis of objects using visible and near infrared scattered light,
  • photometry and colorimetry of light sources and lighting fixtures,
  • dielectric coatings dispersion and absorption characterization in the mid-infrared spectral range,
  • comprehensive characterization of optical fibers,
  • measurements of fluid flow velocity in glass capillaries and microfluidic devices,
  • nonlinear optical properties and transition dynamics of various materials characterization using Z-scan and pump-probe techniques.